Mad style: winter wave



Illustration by Madison McGuire

Madison McGuire, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The rain outside is turning to snow, and the crisp autumn leaves are turning brown once again for the next season of the year: winter. As the cold weather takes over, we have to find some innovative ways to adapt our wardrobes to the freezing midwest. Once again, we will be taking a look at some of the trends we have seen this past fall, predicting upcoming styles, and preparing our shopping carts to gear up and be ahead of the next seasonal wave of fashion.

In Evanston, autumn has surprised us with warm weather and wonderful fall foliage; similarly, 2020’s fall fashion season has delighted shoppers and trend-casters alike. Fall 2020 was a beautiful season for fashion. A crowd favorite was the comeback in “anti-skinny jeans,” or, any type of jean that isn’t a skinny jean. From mom jeans to boot cut, loose jeans are back. A special shocker was the comeback of low-rise skinny jeans, according to Who What Wear

“I think now that everybody’s at home, people are taking bigger risks with their fashion, because they aren’t as worried about their peers judging the way they’re dressing,” says ETHS senior Eliza Weyman.

Even though loose jeans are out of some people’s comfort zones, flare and low rise are back to stay through this year. Paired with those loose jeans has been a rise in cowl neck and corset-shaped tops. The corset top, initially most popular in the 1840s, has been modernized and adapted into a streetwear style. Brands like Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, and MissPap all have pages dedicated to different versions of the aforementioned trend. 

Another look at this fall season showed us how important patterns are as closet staples. Some of the pattern favorites have been, you guessed it: animal print. Headed by zebra and leopard printed bags, pants, and skirts, the fall style was anything but boring. 

“I’ve always been a big fan of patterned pants or a statement pant with a more subtle top,” says Weyman.

“[Zebra print] is an easy way to add a wild edge to your basics,” says Vogue

Now that we have had our recap of fall, what should we expect from winter? Generally, styles repeat about every 20 years, so we are seeing a rise in the early 2000’s fashion as we have hit 2020. Using what we know about the cycle of fashion and past trends, we are able to predict what to expect this coming winter.

 First, expect low rises and loose-fitting jeans to stay. These pants might take on some extra flare though, especially featuring patchwork denim and patterned trousers. Though patterned pants were all the rage this fall, towards the end of last season, there was a rise in the popularity of monochrome outfits, especially ones of brown and tan colors. Throughout winter, it is likely that these monochrome inspirations will continue in pants, as well as the old style of front-pleated “paper bag” pants according to Vogue. These pants are sometimes seen in work style clothes but look like loose-fitting trousers with pleats at the waist. 

Next, it’s coat season. As we partially saw last year, puffer or “bubble” jackets will be back and better than ever. 

“These big, bulky, and insulated pieces of outerwear are both the warmest and coolest styles to be caught in this winter,” says TheTrendSpotter

Pair a bright puffer jacket with some dull-toned pants, or the other way around, and you automatically have an outfit guaranteed to wow people on the streets.

Another warm trend to keep your eyes peeled for long trench and leather coats. 

“The presence [of trench coats in S/S 20 collections] was so grand that I’d deem the next-gen trench—those featuring everything from deconstructed designs to intricate details like leather trimming— as 2020 must-have,” explains Who What Wear.

 The trench coat allows for a high-class twist to any outfit. The tan color of traditional trenches also correlates to the brown and neutral color palette that we can expect from some of this year’s favorite styles. 

Finally, it’s time to come out of your shell in the coming months. That’s right, the turtle neck. All the rage last winter, we expect turtle necks to continue to be a fan favorite in 2020. 

“I think my biggest winter staple that I want to see more of is turtlenecks. I just like the way they look. And they’re comfy but still fashionable,” adds Weyman.

Even though they may manifest themselves in new ways, like the turtle neck vest, or even the cowl neck sweater, all variations of the ever-popular and eternal turtle neck. The cowl neck sweater is a loose turtleneck, hanging lower onto the chest, while turtleneck sweater vests are just that—a sweater vest but instead of a v-neck, it’s a turtleneck.

Now, remember to stay safe, stay fashionable, and no matter what your outfit is, remember your mask.