Mad-Style: Halloween Edition

Madison McGuire, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Halloween is upon us, and there is no doubt that the focal point of Halloween, asking strangers for candy, must change. In 2020, it’s difficult to imagine going door to door, interacting with your entire neighborhood. That being said, the Halloween spirit is not dead, and with that comes… you guessed it… costumes!

What are you thinking of being this year? We’re taking a different look at Halloween costumes, just like we’ve taken a different look at Halloween itself. Since we’re all still in quarantine, we have been given something special this year: time. Now time may manifest itself in your Halloween plans in different ways, but for some, it could be in the form of creating a DIY costume.

“I still want to dress up, but I don’t think I’m going to go anywhere. When I was in Kindergarten, I made my own Hallowee costume. I was a Lego brick—I put cool whip containers on a cardboard box and spray painted it,” says senior Ellis Allen.

Just as Allen made his costume years ago, he has been inspired to take up the craftsmanship of costume making once again. Allen and others will be looking to make creative and economical costumes this year. Even if it’s hard to go out and celebrate Halloween, dressing up as a community could be a good way to keep in the spirit of spooky season.

“I don’t know how people will share what they wear, but I think just getting in the spirit of things and dressing up will boost morale,” says Allen.
Even group costumes can still be fun amidst a pandemic. Group costumes, done safely over Zoom, could be a great way to still get in holiday fun while abiding to health protocols. Allen predicts that there will be creative political costumes as well as some about COVID-19.

“I can definitely see a lot of political costumes, whether that’s from the presidential race or from other social movements. Also a lot of things surrounding the pandemic. I think people will be creative with their costumes,” says Allen.

Just because Halloween in the traditional sense might not happen this year, coming up with a costume, or just eating some candy, may help you get in the mood for some scary fun. It’s the only day a year that you get to be whatever you’d like, so embrace it, even if it won’t be exactly the same as past years.

It’s what you make of it! So, make some costumes and get to spooking.

Creativity doesn’t come as easy for some though, so The Evanstonian is here to help you with all your costume-making endeavors and assist in some creative starting points. Here are some 2020 costume ideas, all based on the crazy year we have had so far.

2020 Inspired Costumes

Healthcare Worker

Shoutout to all the nurses and doctors that have saved so many lives during COVID. Embody your favorite first responder hero in some scrubs this year! Scrubs can be found at your local Goodwill;, throw in a clipboard and you’re ready to save lives this Halloween!


Are you of voting age? Did you go out to the polls this year? If not, no worries. This DIY ballot costume will be the perfect reminder for you and your friends to register and hit the polls. For this costume, all you will need is a white shirt and a sharpie. Write on those candidates, some boxes and give one a big-ol check! Congrats, you voted and encouraged your friends to do it too.

Carole Baskin 

2020’s most popular documentary series, Tiger King, was all the rage this year. Amazon sells Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic costumes. For a DIY option of Baskin or Exotic, you will need: an animal print top (from your parent’s closet, maybe), some jeans, a flower crown or cowboy hat and a pair of your favorite boots.