Comedic relief: students destress through humor


Kupunoli Sumi

Illustration by Kupunoli Sumi

Sophie Yang, Staff Writer

Stress. An emotion that every student feels, especially now with an uncertain future. Feeling stress is normal, but it’s important to have an outlet to destress. For some it’s meditating or listening to music, but for others, it’s watching TV, specifically comedy shows. 

“High school is arguably one of the most stressful times in your life, and being able to watch a comedy where you can sit down and laugh along with it helps you ease your mind,” senior Matteo Mereu says. 

With unlimited access to shows and movies, teens have options for what to stream. However, comedy has a special effect in times of stress. People love comedy shows because they are associated with laughter and positivity. 

“Sometimes, serious TV shows don’t destress me, while comedy shows are more lighthearted and put you in a better mood,” junior Ella Armstrong-Matz says. 

What’s now become a cliche actually has some truth to it. While laughter can’t directly cure any disease, it does have health benefits. In addition to the short term relief laughing provides, there are proven long-term effects, including the release of hormones that can improve your immune system, help fight stress can help more-serious illnesses, and relieve pain. 

“Laughing just makes me feel happy, because it helps me cope with bad situations and takes your mind off other things,” junior Amaya Bonn says. 

It’s undeniable that laughing is a feeling. Watching comedy shows link the effects of laughing back to watching the show itself, contributing to the appeal. Another intriguing factor for students is comedy being a break amidst their long days of virtual classes. 

“Whether it’s just a quick fifteen-minute break between long periods of sitting, or at 2 a.m. before going to bed, [comedy shows] really just help to relieve stress,” Mereu says. 

With time being spent at home, the need to relax after a long day is a necessity. Students are turning to hours of screen time in addition to those spent in school. However, television screen time can be put to destressing. It’s no mistake that some of the most popular shows for teens are comedies, including The Office, Community and New Girl. 

“You don’t have to think about anything else like school, or other things going on in your life,” Armstrong-Matz says. 

While watching a funny TV show won’t solve all your problems, the bottom line is that it can help in relieving stress and brighten up these uncertain times.