Wildkit winter: holiday music fest

Kelsey Blickenstaff and Madison McGuire

It’s that time of year again— snow on the ground and carols in the air- for the Winter Showcase. All the choirs, bands and orchestras come together every year to put on a music fest for parents, students and spectators alike. 

The Winter Showcase is a highlight event every winter from the members of all three orchestras (sinfonietta, philharmonic and symphony), all three bands (concert, symphonic and wind symphony), choral groups (Chorale, Concert Choir,  Advanced Vocal Ensemble, Dazzling Dames, a capella groups, vocal jazz groups, Master Singers and Chamber Singers) and a handbell choir. Some pieces are put on with other groups, and some are performed by one class. For example, last year for the first time, band and choir came together for one song. Each ensemble or band has a class during the day in which they prepare for the show. Every year, the companies prepare various pieces from Christmas music, Hanukkah tunes and winter ballads. The medley of different styles of music is a hit for all types of spectators. 

“I’m most excited to hear what the other choir classes are singing. Some pieces we do together and then we have some of our own, so it’s really cool to see them doing something harder or different. We build each other up,” says junior Lailah Prior, a singer in Advanced Vocal Ensemble. 

The various vocal groups are all present to support one another as they impress the crowd with their arrangements. The same can be said for the orchestras and bands as they tune their performances to perfection.

Fresh voices and talents will come with the new group of freshmen students, and they are supported and helped by the older members of the program.

“I like the community of everyone working together,” says Margo Anderson, a freshman in orchestra.

The school is getting used to a new addition to the musical family, Ausberto Acevedo, the current director of all three orchestras. He is looking forward to experiencing his first Winter Showcase. 

“I’m excited to have a concert with all of the performing music groups,” Acevedo says. “I’m excited to watch and to make music with all the students.” 

The Winter Showcase has been a tradition at ETHS for many years, and this year’s group of students strive to uphold the reputation of shows past. Last year’s Winter Showcase was a success featuring the first time an orchestra played with a choir. 

All the different classes share the stage in the Winter Showcase, making it different from other shows. Each group of performers receive about 15 to 30 minutes of time to perform all of their prepared songs, in total ending up around a two-hour performance. 

“A lot of people come since its during a break, we have a lot of family come so it’s a big event,”  Prior says. 

The Winter Showcase is one of the largest of the other performances of the year, and it is widely anticipated in the arts department.

The students in the Winter Ensemble aims to put on the best show possible, and spectators long await to see what they have put together.

Corrected on December 19, 2019. A previous version of the article did not include all performing groups.