Five winter weather wears: style tips for chilly season

Everneesa Beech, Staff Writer

As the winter becomes fierce and the sun sets early on chilly evenings, most people are trying to find the latest trends to keep their fashion game up. Planning winter outfits can be a bit of a mood killer. Here are some tips for dressing this winter:

Long sleeves
This is another staple that you likely already have in your closet. This trend was popular even in the summer as you could pair white or black shirts under a dress. Keep with the trend, but add a colorful jumpsuit of your choice this winter. Accessorize with glasses, jewelry and gloves.

When thinking of winter, warm footwear is a staple. Uggs are one type of footwear that you can wear while adding your personal style touches. Other warm footwear brands include Bearpaw and DAWGS that are often more affordable and available in vegan options. Still in style are combat boots that are not only classics but functional for nearly any winter time occasion.

When it comes to wearing joggers, there’s no limit to what you can wear with them. Unlike sweatpants, joggers offer a more fitted look and versatility to dress down or dress up. You can add a cute crop top and style with sneakers or dress up with a nice jacket and heels.

Protective hairstyles
When it comes down to winter, some search for protective hairstyles to keep our hair from damage this winter. These protective hairstyles are important so you can keep your hair covered and the cold doesn’t break your hair. They also keep the hair hydrated and healthy. Why not try braids or wigs to keep your hair protected this winter? When doing braids you can try different colors or different styles of your choice. You can try faux braids, box braids and locs braids.

Faux fur coats
Not just an item for special occasions, rock your faux fur coat with other key winter items to elevate your style this season. Faux shearling (or teddy) coats and jackets have been trending this winter as well. They offer different textures but the same warmth for the coldest nights.