Munchin’ With Michael: the last supper

Michael Barthelemy, Food Critic

Everyone has their own unique personality. It’s what makes each person stand out from the crowd. Without these distinctive traits, the world would end up looking like Bikini Bottom in the Spongebob Movie when Plankton brainwashed everyone.

Because of this reality, we should honor each and every one person’s personality to encourage people to stay true to themselves and express their individual traits.

The Evanstonian certainly has a lot of personality, with no two alike. So in honor of this being the seniors last issue, I deemed it appropriate to choose the foods that represent each one of the senior’s personalities.

The whole year has led up to this one moment. I’ve been taking notes on each senior in order to make the most accurate review possible.

So without further ado, let’s take a break from munching, and honor our seniors.


Jonah Charlton- SumSeeds Energized Sunflower Seeds

Jonah is someone who is constantly awake. Whether it be from staying up late laying out pages or finishing up an English paper, you’ll always be able to find him working into the morning. Because of this, he relies heavily on caffeine to provide him with a boost throughout the day and night. While he does consume large sums of coffee daily, that is pretty standard for most high school students. That’s why SumSeeds Energized Sunflower Seeds work perfectly for him, because it provides him with the boost he needs, while also supporting his constant spitting throughout the day.


Sarah Freiman- Dark chocolate

In one major way, Sarah and Jonah are complete opposites: their sleep patterns. While Jonah will be satisfied with four hours of sleep, Sarah won’t settle for anything less than nine. Sarah tends to go to bed super early, and if you are planning on going to bed when the clock strikes 9:00 pm, you’re going to need something to put you to sleep, and dark chocolate does just the trick. It releases serotonin into your system that makes you fall asleep quickly and soundly. On top of that, dark chocolate doesn’t have the indulgent quality that milk chocolate has, so it won’t affect the strict workout schedule Sarah follows. Serotonin, more like SARAHtonin.


Rachel Krumholz- Spaghetti

Ciao! Rachel often appears disorganized, and could be classified by many as a messy person. Despite this, somehow Rachel is able to make it work and navigate her way through the mess to get things done on time. Spaghetti is the same way: when you first get it, it appears all over the place, and often times it can become messy. For some, spaghetti can be eaten in such a way that it leaves no mess behind and ends up being a delicious meal. Also, spaghetti sauce is red, and Rachel’s hair is red, so it kinda works out perfectly.


Mac Stone- Purple cotton candy

Mac is someone who is fun to be around. He has a goofy sense of humour that will make you laugh out loud, and similar to cotton candy, gets people excited. His jokes and overall character stick with you even once he has left, much like cotton candy sticking to your fingers and lips after you eat it. In addition to this, you can often find Mac watching sports, whether it be on TV or in-person, especially when it comes to Northwestern. Just like purple cotton candy, Mac is a staple of Northwestern athletics fanhood.


Ben Baker-Katz- A slice of cheese New York Boston Style Pizza with protein powder on top

As an East Coast guy, Ben appreciates a quality slice of pizza that can be taken on-the-go whenever need be. He’s the kind of guy who appreciates the practical side of things, just like a simple slice of pizza. In addition, he appreciates quality food when he sees it. Ben also loves to exercise, hence the protein powder. Even when he’s eating pizza, Ben can’t escape the idea of getting his daily dose of protein.


Sophie Monzo- Diet Coke

Anyone: Are you hungry?

Sophie: No, I’m good

Anyone: Really? Did you have lunch?

Sophie: Yeah I had a Diet Coke

‘Nuff said.


Chris Werner- Fusilli pasta

Chris is someone to always crack a joke. He’s a guy who is always fun to be around and can lighten the mood of a room instantly, just like fusilli pasta. Fusilli is a spiralized pasta noodle and the numerous crevices and overall unique texture makes it the most fun pasta noodle to eat. When you get a bowl of fusilli pasta, it lightens your mood instantly, because it brings a new layer of enjoyment to your meal. Plus, the fusilli is a perfect representation of Chris’ golden locks, his signature look.

Lia Kelly- Rainbow sherbet

Lia is a colorful person. She is not defined by any one “flavor,” as seen with her taste in music, with a playlist that will go from country to pop to rap. She is not afraid to try new things, and is always up for an adventure. When you eat rainbow sherbet, you are given a combination of flavors that you never thought would work, yet somehow they all work together to create one great scoop. Rainbow sherbet is an adventure to eat in its own right, at every second you are hit with a different flavor, or a different side of Lia.


Cam Mulvihill- cheese curds

Cam is not one to care about others judging him. He is not afraid to be out of the box, as seen from his mullet earlier this year, and is able to make it work. Cheese curds are the same way, the concept of it is outrageous: deep fried cheese that you dip in ranch, yet somehow it has become an American delicacy. Plus, Cam has committed to playing baseball at UW Oshkosh, and soon enough he’ll grow into being a cheese head and treat cheese curds as holy.