5 Questions for Tim Rhoze

Cam Mulvihill, Staff Writer

Tim Rhoze is an accomplished actor, director and current resident of Evanston. Rhoze has appeared in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Friends. Currently, Rhoze is an artistic director at Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre where he focuses on bringing diversity into the theatre. Rhoze has decided to bring his talent to ETHS to direct The Colored Museum which includes 11 skits that delve deep into African-American culture.

    Tonight’s show starts at 7:30 p.m. The last chance to see the production is tomorrow evening.

  1. How did the opportunity to direct The Colored Museum come up?

The Fine Arts Department Chair Nick Gehl reached out to me last year and asked if I would be interested in directing a production at ETHS; the timing worked out for my schedule, and I happily accepted. I proposed several titles, and we decided on The Colored Museum because of its artistic challenges and themes; and as equally as important it would give opportunities to multiple aspiring Black theatre artists at the school to be part of a production that would be relevant to them and the world they are or should be familiar with.  

  1. What does this play mean for you and your career?

Well, it has given me an opportunity to work with some very talented high school students; a first for me as I have had a career directing in the professional world, and at several universities exclusively.

  1. Are you changing anything from the original play since you are doing it for a high school audience?

We have not modified the play to adjust for a high school audience. The multiple subject matters contain adult themes and the students have studied and discussed the material at length and are presenting it as it was intended by the playwright.

  1. How do you expect the Evanston community to respond to this play?

That is a question I cannot answer; our job is to bring to life the world of the play as honestly as possible. I’m sure it will challenge the audience on many levels. We are holding post-play discussions with the cast and the audience, so we’ll see what the response is then; should be interesting.

  1. What are you looking forward to most as the director?

 I’m enjoying witnessing the artistic and learning journey of the students/artists; they are extremely committed and have worked diligently to bring this theatrical world of satire and at times tremendous poignancy to life. As a director, I looked forward to seeing their growth as artists and young adults. I also looked forward to watching the stage and tech crew take ownership of their part of the production, they too are awesomely talented.