Marching Band thriving with program expansion


Picture courtesy of LT Photo

Margo Levitan, Executive Editor

This is how many people are a part of Marching Band this year, and the number is just expected to grow from here. With collaborations with Northwestern, pre-game shows and fresh talent, this year is one of the best for the program.

“This is definitely the biggest year that Marching Band has had, and it allows for us to expand our program and activities,” Matthew Bufis, Director of Band, says. “We’ve brought back a traditional pre-game show that hasn’t been done since the early 90’s, restoring the fanfare we used to do in the 50’s and 60’s.”

As the band makes an E on the center field and flows back and forth, fans are able to get riled up before the game even starts. With new uniforms and a unique theme for this year’s halftime show, the band is looking towards a period of positive growth.

By bringing back the pre-game show, the Marching Band is able to perform for longer periods of time, showcase more songs, and create an overall better vibe at the games.

“This year this halftime show is Motown themed, so we get songs such as Dream Girls, You’re All I Need to Get By, My Girl, and a Jackson 5 medley,” senior Theresa Tsaggaris, who plays alto saxophone, says.

Featuring bands such as the Temptations and The Supremes, the Motown theme gives soul-pop influence, and a new tone, to the show. Although the Marching Band has played two movements of the show so far, by the time Homecoming rolls around, they are hopeful to perform all four songs.

The band’s experiment reaches Northwestern as well, where the university has an annual event called “High School Band Day”, bringing thousands of students together to learn new tunes and march in front of a large audience. This allows for the Marching Band at ETHS to, “add new songs to their library,” says Bufis, and allows for a major exposure and experience that few others have, with a Big 10 Marching Band adding even more skill to the marchers.

The group also looks beyond Evanston for their platform as the season progresses. “I’m definitely looking forward to the Marengo Settler’s Day Competition in early October because we head up to Marengo, Illinois,” sophomore Ulo Freitas, saxophone player, says. “We get to see the shows of other neighboring high schools.”

This competition experience allows for the marching band to acquire competition experience, as well as create a stronger bond within the team. This translates to the field. The exposure to bands outside of Evanston allows for more tunes and skills to be acquired, which makes the shows back at home even better.

“I love marching band’s history and tradition in American culture it has. It’s very militaristic and disciplined unlike the rest of our lives, so it is a nice escape,” senior Aden Badr and trumpet section leader, says. “We are a big 125 person family, so we’re all looking out for each other.”