A new look

The Arts Dept. upgrades over the summer


Jonah Charlton

Sophomore George Durant

Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor


The arts dept. received upgrades over the summer to many different areas and plans on doing more.

After experts agreed that the previous ceramics room had more potential than was being used the arts dept. decided to upgrade the entire room Over the summer the arts dept. completely renovated the ceramics classroom, A134. The room was combined with another classroom overall doubling its size compared to the original.

The other room that was used to make the class bigger is now in A137 and is currently a new sculpture studio but nothing has really been added to it.

“It wasn’t as much making the class look nicer, it was making the class better,” arts dept. chair Nick Gehl says. Complete with a class set of ceramic wheels, before two or three students would have to share a wheel.

The idea for the new room came about two years ago when art expert for the Evanston Art center was brought in. “He looked at the ceramics and felt there just more potential here,” Gehl says.

The ceramics room isn’t all that’s new. There has also been an upgrade display case in the arts wing as well. The hope is to make all the display cases will get the same upgrades as well. Overall making a better look to the wing.

There is now a piano room with 20 pianos added. Each student can play their keyboard with headphones to eliminate noise, while the teacher can talk and give each student lessons through their headphones.

This is the first year for the class, 1 Piano and around 80 student enrolled for the class.

There is also plans for further renovations to take place. Soon there will an acoustic room for students as well.

Currently the arts dept. is fundraising to renovate the classrooms in the upstairs theatre. The plans are to turn the existing space into more rehearses studios and rooms. They are also planning on adding dressing rooms and bathroom as well as some more costume storage as well.

With the all the success that the arts dept. has reached with new renovations will continue to provide the needed resources for students.