Students to be honored during the visual arts awards


Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor

The award goes to…

Taking place on May 3 after school from 4 to 5 p.m, students from all grades will be honored at the visual arts awards in the auditorium.

“Many students, especially seniors, have experienced their most important moments in the arts wing; it’s what shaped them,” Elizabeth Dusold, Art and Photography teacher says. “For them, it’s their final passing.”

Students who have dedicated time to the visual arts here at ETHS will be honored at the award ceremony, with awards that include: innovation, classroom leadership, most promising, craftsmanship, and dedication.

With the seven visual arts teachers nominating roughly two students from each of their classes, there are 35 students receiving these prestigious awards.

“What might be dedicated to one teacher is different from another teacher,” Dusold says about picking awards. For seniors, the visual art show has even higher stakes.

Special scholarships are reserved for seniors in Visual Arts. For the entire senior showcase, students may win three distinct awards: Patrick Begley, Louise Groff and the Ploetz award. Students in the spring courses vote for the Begley and Ploetz awards, with all of the seniors being recognized for their achievements. All the awards winners will receive a cash prize.

“We go through all the students from the year,” Dusold says. Students with spring classes have a better chance of being picked for an award since teachers have an easier time accessing work.

The award show was been put in place for all the students who have committed time to the arts and grown in the field of arts at the school, and the senior’s work for senior showcase will be show throughout the first floor.