Breakdown of the Grammy Nominations

Margo Levitan, Entertainment Editor

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With the Grammys taking place on Feb. 12, the competition for the album of the year is about to reach peak.

Artists cover a variety of music, bringing their unique style with them. Here is a breakdown of the nominees.


By Adele

After taking a hiatus to focus on raising her son, Adele came back stronger than ever. With songs such as “Hello”, there is no denying that the album, capturing her life when she was 25, is one of the most unique. Showcasing Adele’s wide range of vocal ability and songwriting level, there is no question why this is one of the main contenders for album of the year.

“Adele’s album 25 is one of my favorites,” Kendra Klamm, senior, says. “It has the most amazing songs, especially for blasting in the car.”


By Justin Bieber

            Although Justin Bieber has been on the music scene for more than a decade, this album creates a new image of him that the public have not seen before. With a mixture of heartfelt ballads to more pop style songs, Bieber manages to bring a range of emotion within a single album.


By Beyonce

As a solo artist, this is far from Beyonce’s first rodeo. However, Lemonade brings a side of her that few have gotten to see before. Providing a closer look into her utmost private parts of Beyonce’s life, Lemonade uses deep, intricate beats and lyrics to make this the most unique track she has created yet.

“Lemonade gets me pumped up,” Sam Pasek, sophomore, says. “It makes me feel like I can sing and dance, while also being super catchy.”



By Drake

This newest album by Drake features a more hip-hop style of music. With hits such as “Hotline Bling”, “Controlla” and “One Dance”, Drake was successful in creating a contemporary R&B track on a mainstream level. The catchy beats and musically advanced vocals pushed Drake to the top.


A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

By Sturgill Simpson

A twist on country music, this is Sturgill Simpson’s third studio album. Simpson was met with great success, with the album becoming No.1 on the Top Country Albums Chart within the first week and selling nearly 150,000 copies in the process. With the quality lyrics and general showcased musical talent, this is definitely a top pick for country music fans.