The Big Draw creates art programs for all ages

Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor

Even with all the art classes Evanston offer, the Big Draw Evanston offers a whole new aspect to the community.

“Anyone and everyone can relate because drawing and art making are fundamental actives we all have the need to make our mark,” Elory Rozner, the founder of The Big Draw in Evanston says.

The Big Draw Evanston is an art festival open to all ages that offers art programs all over the city. Throughout the month of October there have been many different type of classes and programs to partake in, from hand lettering to comic book inking.

The festival started in the U.K. in 2000, but since then the festival has traveled to over 25 different countries. The goal is to bring people in a community together.

“Evanston seemed like a great community to have it, given how important and prevalent the art programs are for us locally,” cultural art adviser Evan Finamore says.

The festivals encourages all ages to join and tries to make the programs easy for students partake in. “We have the high school in mind when we design a program,” Rozner says.

All but one of the programs are free of charge to community. Each program caters toward a different type of art.

“The programs are so diverse,” Rozner says.

This is Evanston’s first year hosting The Big Draw. “It was in Chicago for two years. I was in Chicago in 2012 and 2013 and ran the festival there in about 25 different spaces each year,” Rozner says about past festivals.

“It’s been so interesting to see all the different venues that come forward and are willing to host a program,” Finamore says.

In addition to art facilities like Blocks and the Evanston Art Center, other companies like Whole Foods and Kurt’s Cafe will host as well.

Along the festival the Civic Center will offer space for people to come and draw pictures that can be put into the Evanston coloring book. The station will be set up throughout October as well.

Everyone is welcome to come and take advantage of the festival and what it has to offer, even though it won’t be here for much longer.

Make sure to check out the website for more information and details on upcoming events to attend at