Pros and cons of music festivals


Margo Levitan, Entertainment Editor

Music festivals.

Although this term is widely known, the definition changes according to those you ask. For some, it is a magical experience, providing access to a wide range of musicians all in one place, a chance to reconnect with friends. For others, however, it means large crowds, searing temperatures, and trouble.

“There is a lot of exhaustion after attending a music festival. At the end of the day, all you want to do is lie in bed,” says senior Daisy Chaudruc.

This seems to be a general consensus. Due to the large crowds, loud music and general party atmosphere, most people that attend are completely exhausted by the end of it all. It is a nightmare for people with claustrophobia due to the sheer amount of individuals that pack together to view their favorite musician. Fortunately, there is a lot of variety and choice when it comes to music festivals, especially in Chicago.

Lollapalooza is one of the largest annual music festivals students attend, focusing on alternative rock, electronic dance music and hip hop. There is also Pitchfork, which features the same basics as Lollapalooza but branches off into punk, alternative rock and jazz, and Country Thunder, which offers country music.

For Lollapalooza, one day of tickets is at least 120 dollars while Pitchfork is priced only at 65 dollars per day and Country Thunder at 130 for all three days of the festival. It is often difficult to buy tickets right off of the website before they sell out, forcing people to turn to outside resellers for high prices.

“It was so crazy when the tickets came out for Lollapalooza, and they were just so expensive,” says Hannah Stein, sophomore. “That’s why I chose not to attend this year.”

Despite these high prices, the music festival scene still has its benefits.

“Being with all of your friends and seeing music together is the best part,” says Chaudruc. “It is sometimes difficult to organize a group to meet at a concert, but music festivals provide that in one place.”

They allow for individuals to see a wide variety of favorite artists in just one day, bringing in talent from around the globe. With multiple summer festivals as options, there is music there that would satisfy all genres. Some argue that suffering through the tight crowd is just part of the experience, making new friends in the process, while others say that the high prices are totally worth a jam packed weekend of fun.

“No matter how packed or expensive music festivals are, the pros outweigh the cons,” says Eddie Liccardo, senior. “It’s all worth it at the end.”

        Although they are not for the faint of heart or a small budget, they provide individuals with a great weekend filled with fun, friends, and great and talented artists. Overall, it all comes down to the music taste of the beholder.