Highlight reel: 2016’s last curtain call


As the class of 2016 walks the halls of ETHS for the last time, we look back on their achievements, particularly those made on the stage. From dancing bananas to flying monkeys, the last four years have been chalk full of exciting stage projects. Here is a breakdown of the most notable productions of the last four years, reflecting on their highs and lows. Now, it is time for you seniors to reflect, as you reminisce about the plays that dominated the stage.

Freshman Year: 2012-2013

YAMO: Occupy LOL Street

“I remember playing FDR, that really made

no sense. On closing night I fell out of

my wheelchair on accident.”

-Mo Macsai-Goren

Fall Play: Lost in Yonkers

The story of a complicated family in 1940s Brooklyn. Starring Harry Thornton, Ryan Foreman and Maggie Lott.

Spring Musical: Little Shop of Horrors

“It’s a really unusual piece of theatre, from the giant

talking puppet to the

spinning stage.”

-Annie Kelley

Sophomore Year: 2013-2014

YAMO: Orange you glad I didn’tsay YAMO

“In one scene I was playing

a fortune teller. An orange swept me

off my feet, as a banana stood next to us, heartbroken.” -Julia Mates

Fall Play: Sparrow

A high school girl with supernatural powers teaches the town how to feel and forgive. Starring Harry Thornton, Christine Broughton and Talia Weiss.

Spring Musical: Thouroughly Modern Milly

“I loved the excitement and energy surrounding a show. It was a very diverse community.” -Karyssa Clark

Junior Year: 2014-2015


“In Camp Yamo, we had this scene called Girl Talk and we must have rewritten it 12 times. By the end we were all crying from laughing at that scene.” -Julia Mates

Fall Play: North Star

A story of friendship and growth in the civil rights era, starring Ella West and Alexis Dyers


Spring Musical: Pippin

“The circus acts were mind-blowing. They did crazy stuff on the silks. It was really amazing to see how intricate a high school production could be.” -Sam Blustein

Senior Year: 2015-2016

YAMO: The YAMO news network

“Our team had many conflicting styles and opinions but we all want the show to be amazing and there are times we had to make sacrifices to get the show to work. I think humble people make for a better show overall.” -Ryan Foreman

Fall Play: To Kill a Mockingbird

Starring Anika Blitzstein, Sam Blustein, Katie Jane Torma and Gavin Farrow.

Spring Musical: The Wiz

The Wiz is so iconic because of  what the play stands for in the black community. It poses an important representation of black people in theatre.” -Liana Wallace