Cat’s out of the bag


Freshman Jacob Wilson and Gia Clarke rehearse in the Little Theater.

Big boots to fill.

With princesses, queens and ogres, this Frosh-Soph production creates a cast of characters that few other plays can beat.

“For the spring Frosh- Soph play we have been doing a children’s theatre production for the last five years,” says Anne Lefkovitz, director of the play. The youthful stories are chosen because ETHS’s daycare attends the shows.

“Puss in Boots has been one of my favorites, and it’s the perfect fairy tale, with enough roles for everyone to get a chance to act,” says Lefkovitz.

Following the adventures of a cat named Puss, there are fight scenes, trickery, and shape shifting. The sets are hand built by the cast, mainly depicting castles and forests in Renaissance France.

“We have some really nice background effects,” says sophomore Maya Parks who plays Princess Annette.

A lot of action is packed into this hour-long production, especially when it comes to the props that are used.

“The props and special effects are the most exciting part,” says freshman Ian McCall. “There are daggers, fake food and more. The lights and the sound effects bring it all together.”

The professionalism of the play doesn’t stop at the props, however. For Puss in Boots, the costumes are part of the adventure.

“The setting is in France in the 16th century during the medieval times,” says freshman Ian McCall, who plays Claude, a poor wind miller’s son. “There are kings and noblemen within the production, so there are definitely some fancier garments used such as cloaks and canes.”

The costumes that will be used are rented from Broadway Costumes, a well-known costume shop in Chicago. This gives the production a professional quality that is unique for a high school performance.

The high quality doesn’t interfere with the playful story. “It’s a lighthearted and easy play to watch,” says freshman Tess Binerspein, who plays Puss. “There is a lot of action, humor, and adventure, all packed into one very charismatic cat.”

The production takes place on May 6, 7 and 9 in the Little Theatre. The tickets cost 5 dollars.