Tomate Taco Shop


Just a short walk from downtown, Tomate is a little taco shop on Noyes Street that is about as small as the tacos are delicious- that’s very delicious. As soon as you walk into the tiny storefront that seems very unassuming from the outside, you are enveloped by the smell of fresh tortillas and juicy carnitas. Northwestern students are some of the only people who know about this place, and there are plenty of them there every day, so you can get some college advice while waiting for your tacos. The wait isn’t long though, and the person behind the counter hands you a fresh taco made from the meat cooking in a pot not far from where you are standing.

The menu has a large assortment of tacos, burritos, and salads to choose from. After ordering my usual, the carne asada taco, I bite into the warm tortilla and juicy, flavorful meat for the beginning of a satisfying meal. The salsa that comes with every taco or burrito is the perfect balance of spicy and delicious. It’s smoky pepper flavor pairs perfectly with the yummy taco. However, I would suggest ordering two tacos, because they are pretty small and one just isn’t enough to satisfy your meat (or veggie) cravings.

The price of the food is really something to brag about. The tacos are only three dollars each, so your whole babysitting paycheck won’t go into one meal. This easy, inexpensive little eatery is the perfect place to go for a quiet meal outside after school, or a lunch with friends in the park across the street. You could also opt for the much more cramped idea of eating at the counter inside, but that’s one of the only downsides to Tomate. Yet another option of this great taco shop is that they offer delivery to a big area, and it’s only three dollars.

So, get hungry, because Tomate is the next big taco shop in Evanston, and you’ll find yourself going there at least once a week.