Edzo’s Burger Shop


On the walls of Edzo’s Burger Shop, not one, not two, but five menus are strategically placed- dozens of varieties of burgers, fries, hot dogs, sandwiches, and milkshakes. My first thought is that it will be very hard to choose.

Located in the heart of Downtown Evanston, Edzo’s is an unassuming storefront that shares an unlikely door with a fancy French restaurant just a short walk from school- and a good, inexpensive place to go for lunch or dinner. The smell of a meaty meal greets you as you walk in, inviting you to cozy up with some cheese fries. However, once those fries come, fast and fresh out of the fryer, they don’t even need the cheese. The French fries are easily the best part of this burger joint, better than the burgers. Happily, those are a close second.

At Edzo’s, the cheeseburger is cooked to perfection, and the Chicago hot dog is not missing one topping- and you can’t go wrong with the fries. Whether you decide on the cheese fries, lobster fries (an Edzo’s specialty), or any of the dozens of options in between, Edzo’s has the best fries in Evanston. The head chef’s culinary school background shows through in the simple food, elevating it in creative ways to make Edzo’s much more than a burger shop, it is deep fried heaven on earth.