Arabian Nights showcases multiple storylines


Betsy Barthelemy, Olivia Nicholson, Triana Callam, Sam Blustein and Caro Granner rehearse.

25 stories, one play.

Beginning Feb. 11, students actors will perform in Arabian Nights, a play that weaves multiple plots into a unique blend of hilarity, hardships and more.

“It’s not just one storyline, it is a collage of stories, which is what makes it so exciting,” says Tom Sallers, the director of the show.

The production showcases a wife, Scheherazade and her husband, King Sharyar. Each night, Scheherazade tells the king a new story, which is acted out for the audiences to see.

With there being so many scenes in this production, Sallers’ says his goal is to make the audience feel like “they’re listening to one continuous plot.” The structure brings a new set of challenges and viewing experience to the table.

However, Sallers adds that with the current cast members, he is confident that they can reach continuity.

“We bring each story alive in its own unique way,” says Bria Patrick, senior, who plays Scheherazade.

“My favorite part of the show is the music and all of the elements that go into it,” says Olivia Nicholson, freshman, who plays Dunyazade, the queen’s sister. “There’s acting, there’s music, there’s dancing. It’s pretty magical when you put it all together.”

The music’s magic comes from composer Caroline Granner, senior, who created the entire soundtrack. When she heard about this production, she jumped at the chance to showcase her work.

“I’ve heard the music coming out of my computer for around two months, so hearing actual people sing has been amazing,” says Caroline. She adds that with the mentorship of her father, a composer, and research of traditional Middle Eastern music, the soundtrack will be new and authentic.

“I feel like everybody has their moment to shine. It’s not like it’s just about one person,” says Bria. She adds that the play encludes many ensembles, and everyone contributes equally to the play.

Taking all of these features into account, Arabian Nights the entire production team hopes to give the audience a unique experience unlike anything ETHS theater has done before.