Fake Instagrams reveal real personalities

Fake Instagrams reveal real personalities

Finstas may be joke accounts, but they give students a chance to be real.

“I think a Finstagram adds a personal layer,” says Amanda Elliott, writer of the article Finstagram: I Want To Be Myself on Social Media. “You can share things that others would not understand or would judge you on.”

According to Urban Dictionary, a Finstagram, or Finsta for short, is a fake Instagram account. Finsta allows people to post any pictures that they want. For the most part they are embarrassing or funny. Instead of following the steps of posting a normal Instagram post, users can just take a quick ugly selfie and post it.

When you post on a Finsta account, it involves less thinking. You can just take an embarrassing picture of yourself, find a meme that you think is funny, or share an inside joke with your close friends without worrying how many likes you get on it.

“It doesn’t really matter what I post,” says Riley Hughes, junior. “It’s fun posting random pictures without thinking about likes.”