Ocean’s delay causing fans to jump ship


Few musicians have the dedicated fan base of Frank Ocean, but with recent delays to his upcoming album, that fan base may dwindle.

“Yes, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is coming out,” says a Def Jam Representative who refused to offer a name. “However, at this point we have no news about a release date.” To understand the frustration that many people are feeling, it is important to understand just what makes Ocean so special.

“I think it makes sense for people to have high expectations because he set the bar high,” says Chicago Tribune entertainment reporter Mark Caro.

Ocean’s first album, Channel ORANGE, received four Grammy nominations, one of which he won.  However, Ocean has been almost silent since, releasing only four songs since the album’s 2012 release.

On April 6, 2015 Ocean posted the following on his Tumblr page: “I got two versions. I got twoooo versions.” Accompanying this message was a picture of Ocean sitting beside two stacks of magazines, both titled “Boys Don’t Cry.” The magazine was old news, but new hashtags on the magizines surprised fans, reading, “#ISSUE1. #ALBUM3. #JULY2015. #BOYSDONTCRY.”

Excitement built up, but then Ocean canceled a show at a festival and fired his PR team. When the thirty first of July came around, and ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ was nowhere to be seen.

However, it may not be this way for long. “I can confirm that Frank Ocean’s album will be out by the end of the calendar year,” says the Def Jam representative.