Jazz Band to open at Chicago Showcase


Pushing the envelope.

Not only are Jazz Band students looking forward to their fall concert on Oct. 20, but they will also be anticipating performing at the Chicago Jazz Showcase on Oct. 14.

The band will be an opening act at the concert, and will have an allotted 30 minutes of playing time. Some members will have the chance to perform a solo.

The Jazz Band’s show back at ETHS includes an exciting musical score. “This is a big year for the Jazz program,” says Michael Lehman, Co-Director of Jazz Band. “Our three big bands will be featured and are modeling their style of music after the great swing bands of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.”

For the fall concert, Jazz Band’s set will include: Things Aren’t What They Seem To Be, Afro Blue, When I Fall in Love, Big Dipper, No Greater Love and more.

“We rehearse three days per week,” says Ezra Brown, senior.  “We work over any spots we have trouble with to make the music perfect.” Their practice extends inside and outside of school.

“I love being part of the Jazz Band,” says Madgeine Filmet, freshman.  “We put a lot of work towards these concerts, and it really pays off.”

This year, the Jazz Band focused on bringing different styles and eras to their lineup.

For many of the musicians in Jazz Band, it goes beyond simply an extracurricular activity; the music drives their passion.

“I joined the Jazz program because it’s my favorite thing to do,” says Joey Bonansinga, a junior. “Jazz is the most sophisticated, tasteful, and fun genre to play.”