New art gallery displays student creativity

Student art can be seen in many places around ETHS, as well as on the internet.

So, you may wonder why you should make time to visit the area in front of the auditorium for the ETHS art gallery.

“It is a beautiful space, it truly looks like an art gallery in here,” says Gina Coleman, art teacher, “As a department we are really curating this gallery and making it more of a professional space.”

The gallery, opened in the previously gated off space in front of the auditorium, provides a new space for student artists to share their work within the school. The gallery is open for most of the school day for passing students, though Coleman encourages teachers to use the space as a part of class lessons as well.

Work to be displayed in the gallery can be submitted by any student taking an art class, who are able to submit work through teachers when necessary.

“I first learned about the gallery last year from my teacher, she heard about the opening and notified us of the opportunity to submit work,” says Aidan Dillon, a sophomore whose art is on display in the space. Aidan’s work is currently being featured as a part of the first exhibit in the gallery, a show displaying artwork based in design, such as paintings, sketches and graphic art.

According to Coleman, who will be co-curating the gallery along with fellow art teacher William Simos, the gallery will try to steer away from exhibits based on style of drawing, and will instead feature shows based conceptually, or on current events. Coleman adds that, while much of the art shown in the gallery will be decorative art, students that specialize in other forms of art can submit work as well.

“We would like to open the space up to other people in the school for art-related events,” says William Simos, co-curator, “Film screenings, interactive exhibits, and visiting artist seminars are all possible events for the future.”

By opening up the gallery to other types of shows, Simos hopes to draw non-art students to the space. Simos also added that, while most of the work displayed will come from students taking art classes, there is a possibility of a show work submitted from those not in art classes sometime in the future.

The ETHS auditorium gallery provides a beautiful and professional space for students to express themselves through artwork, as well as a space for other students to relax and observe the work created by their peers, something the art wing has lacked in past years. See the talent and creativity of your fellow students by visiting the gallery in the first floor auditorium lobby.