Do you wanna go to a concert?


Stuart Leech

Tyler, The Creator

Live music is irreplaceable. Some of the best memories are made at booming concert halls and dingy rock gigs, laughing and shouting with friends. Some go for the fun, some for the status, and many for the music. “Genres like punk, metal, or noise are all genres that inherently put a very heavy emphasis on energy and physical experience,” says sophomore Asher White. “Even stuff like soul and funk is rooted in visceral reactions and primal energy. I’d argue that a live performance is actually essential to fully enjoy the genres.” So this fall, if you get sick of streaming your songs or sifting through radio channels to find something decent, go for the real thing and check out one of these shows:


Tyler the Creator
Aragon Ballroom, Sunday Sept. 7, tickets $50
Genre: hip-hop

Known for his blatant disregard for conventionality and his socially conscious lyrics, Tyler has a reputation for simply not caring about other people’s opinions. Fans say his lyrics read like a film script chuck full of originality. Also on the tour is rapper and producer A$AP Rocky. This show is a must see for any hip-hop fan.

Songs to hear: Bastard, Rusty, Pilot


Kacey Musgraves
First Merit Bank Pavilion, Saturday Sept. 19, tickets around $60
Genre: country

Having won a Grammy for her 2013 debut album Same Trailer, Different Park, Musgraves is continuing her progressive take on country-pop with the recently released Pageant Material. What makes her different from her peers is the conscious way in her song lyrics dissect problematic attitudes in the South and the country music community. Her songs are catchy and clever, her vocals bright and polished, making a controversial statement in the traditionally homogeneous ambient of country.

Songs to hear: Follow Your Arrow, Dime Store Cowgirl, Step Off


The Vic, Wednesday Oct. 28, tickets around $20
Genre: alt pop

She’s got a voice like honey over sandpaper and the stage presence of a queen. She has already opened for the Kooks and Imagine Dragons, played countless festivals, and released a concept EP titled Room 93, so she’s no rookie and it shows. From her debut album, released the 28th of August, expect minimalist beats and a dreamy, summer-in-the-city atmosphere. If the show is anything like the exceptional set she played last March at the Park West, this one is not to be missed.

Songs to hear: New Americana, Is There Somewhere, Hurricane