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Munchin’ with Michael: frozen treats

Michael Barthelemy, Food Critic August 21, 2019

Ahh, the first day of school. A time to reminisce on all the memories you made over the summer and daydream your way back to those July days. Here at Munchin’ With Michael, we figured we would follow...

Munchin’ with Michael: which slice was most nice?

Michael Barthelemy, Food Critic April 26, 2019

We’re back for seconds, and this time we’re exploring the realm of pizza. Living in the Chicago-land area, pizza is one of our city’s delicacies. Places like Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s have...

Munchin’ with Michael: which burrito reigns supreme?

Michael Barthelemy, Food Critic March 22, 2019

Man’s greatest invention: the burrito. A perfect blend of taste and mobility is what makes it so unique and so beloved. Though the issue that arises from the greatness of the burrito is the plethora...

Wildkits vs. Trevians

Wildkits vs. Trevians

Onyx York, Opinion Columnist February 22, 2018

The old Evanston-New Trier rivalry.Over the years, it’s gone beyond healthy competitiveness, convincing Wildkits to reduce Trevians to a group of ethically shallow, rich kids, but this stigma we’ve...

Hip-hop artists should embrace the divine feminine

Hip-hop artists should embrace the divine feminine

Onyx York, Opinion Columnist December 15, 2017

A fellow hip-hop fan suggests that I listen to a new song. Prepared to be hit with every sexist slur that has been normalized within this genre, I guard myself and press play. Two minutes into the song,...

Years after Nipplegate, Timberlake's white privilege still evident

Years after Nipplegate, Timberlake’s white privilege still evident

Onyx York, Opinion Columnist November 21, 2017

Sorry Miss Jackson. As Justin Timberlake celebrates his third invitation to perform at the Super Bowl, the effects of Nipplegate still affect Janet Jackson, while he remains protected by privilege. Timberlake’s...

Black-White relationships require responsibility

Black-White relationships require responsibility

Onyx York, Opinion Columnist November 3, 2017

Love sees color. While the normalization of interracial relationships is often considered a credible representation of the progression of American race relations, there is still much work to do regarding...

NFL shows solidarity at the wrong time

NFL shows solidarity at the wrong time

Onyx York, Opinion Columnist October 16, 2017

Too little, too late.    After being called a mean name by the president, NFL teams are quick to kneel in solidarity when they should’ve been kneeling all along.    President Trump recently made...

Old teachers, old habits

Old teachers, old habits

Carrington York, Opinion Columnist September 22, 2017

Do Better. As ETHS new-hires make impressive strides towards inclusivity and tolerance, seasoned staff members are still stuck in their ways. Evanston prides itself on being a learning environment...

Are summer service trips really

Are summer service trips really “worth” it?

Grace Fay and Gigi Wade August 28, 2017

Yes Embark and serve. Despite recent criticism of service trips, they remain invaluable for teenagers and the communities alike.      Volunteering away from home is a popular way for students at...

Updating Snapchat threatens your safety

Updating Snapchat threatens your safety

Carrington York, Opinion Columnist August 28, 2017

Oversharing is the theme of this generation.                                                   From following the labor chronicles of Beyonce’s twins to venting to your Instagram...

Sexual assault education must improve

Jane Mather-Glass, Opinion Columnist April 21, 2017

While most ETHS health classes go in depth on mental and physical health, teachers and their curriculums are not free of stigma when it comes to sexual assault. It’s time teachers educate the student...

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