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Evanston’s municipal primary results: Biss wins, incumbents lose

Sari Oppenheimer, Assistant News Editor February 25, 2021

Shortly after polls closed for Evanston’s consolidated primary election on Feb. 23, the results for mayor, city clerk, 4th Ward alderman and 8th Ward alderman were counted. The races for mayor and city...

So many activities at ETHS—including  the Evanstonian—have barriers, ones that are grounded in white supremacy, that keep BIPOC from feeling comfortable entering into these spaces.

Gatekeeping activities: the damage of stereotyped experiences on Black youth

Mikaela Parisien and Kamau Ransom February 22, 2021

There are countless school-endorsed activities and sports in which students can indulge from a young age. From chess to football, having an activity that evokes passion and joy is a beautiful way to enjoy...

El Evanstonian necesita mas estudiantes de color

Angie Gomez, Staff Writer February 22, 2021
El periódico, el Evanstonian, fue fundado en 1916, hace 105 años. Pero, aunque el periódico ha permanecido por tanto tiempo, todavía tiene problemas de diversidad e inclusión.
Vetements and capitalist abstraction

Vetements and capitalist abstraction

Quinn Hughes, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

In the middle of the 20th century, capitalism found itself in a transition as it transformed into a version of itself that attempted to be physically identical to, but materially different from, the world...

Impacts of a racial Black/white binary

Impacts of a racial Black/white binary

Adrian Cyrus and Meena Sharma February 22, 2021

Contrasts, juxtapositions and general differences are all cornerstones of life and expression; they have been for quite some time. Whether thinking about how a chef will incorporate sweet and salty flavors...

The Evanstonian viewed as ____, ______ by the student body

The Evanstonian viewed as ____, ______ by the student body

Cheyenne Edwards and Anika Radhakrishnan February 22, 2021

The Evanstonian is composed of writers and artists who commit their time and effort to write articles that cover topics relating to Evanston and students at ETHS. While the Evanstonian has had many groundbreaking...

Journalism, me, and the American Dream

Journalism, me, and the American Dream

Kupunoli Sumi, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

Journalism has the power to shape our realities, our dreams. My idea of the American Dream was planted from a young age, something that the Statue of Liberty symbolized and my parents proved. It was...

Impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome

Linnea Mayo and Taryn Robinson February 22, 2021

Whether this means feeling like you aren’t equipped to be working with your white peers, or just overall a sense of not belonging, the issue of impostor syndrome is present in many clubs and activities...

Held back, pushed away

Linnea Mayo, Assistant Opinion Editor February 22, 2021

As a person of color, walking into places that are predominantly white, it’s incredibly easy to feel excluded or like you don’t belong. Whether this is intentional or not, the constant crush of white...

Representation does matter

Taryn Robinson, Guest Writer February 22, 2021

I like to say that I’m desensitized to being “the only one.” When I was younger, I quickly became aware that I was one, if not the only, person of color when taking swimming lessons, going off to...

White writers, Black issues

White writers, Black issues

Tamara Guy, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

The Evanstonian is, and always has been, made up of a predominantly white staff. The majority of the Black stories that are told are missing the first-hand experiences and genuine connection to the coverage....

A brief history of the Evanstonian

A brief history of the Evanstonian

Eva Morales-Grahl, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

To reflect on the current ways in which the Evanstonian subconsciously perpetuates white supremacy and what a future of actively fighting against this looks like, it is crucial to first examine the publication’s...

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