The Evanstonian

A letter from your student reps

Echo Allen and Isaac Slevin

November 8, 2019

Hi ETHS! We’re Echo Allen, your Student Representative to the School Board, and Isaac Slevin, your Vice Student Representative. The District 202 Board of Education or ETHS School Board is a governing body comprised of sev...

The changing face of Evanston

Lauren Dain, Caroline Jacobs, Jessica Seghal, Sydney Ter Molen, and Sophia Weglarz

November 8, 2019

A study published this past March claims Evanston hasn’t experienced gentrification, though some residents think otherwise. Four former and current Evanston residents and active community members weigh in on the changes th...

White feminism perpetuates white supremacy

White feminism perpetuates white supremacy

Sophia Weglarz, Executive Editor

September 28, 2018

The news site of Evanston Township High School