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Checking in with 'College Kits': Anastasia Goncharova

Checking in with ‘College Kits’: Anastasia Goncharova

Lena Papa, Staff Writer October 20, 2020

Anastasia Goncharova, Class of 2018, is no stranger to success. She was ranked fifth in the midwest when she graduated from ETHS and is now entering the courts of Salt Lake City as she transferred to the...

Art by Ellie Lind

How Black People are being policed in their workplaces and institutions

Tamara Guy, Staff Writer August 23, 2020

Black people are a target of hate in their workplaces and institutions, as they can have their hair policed by their employers and administrators and have no legal protection when it happens. Once the...

We need to educate ourselves more before reposting on BLM

We need to educate ourselves more before reposting on BLM

Valerie Larsen, Staff Writer August 20, 2020

If you have been on Instagram in the last couple of months, you may have noticed many reposts circulating in the media. Specifically pointing out racial injustice in our world, highlighting a problem many...

Consumers, don’t be blinded by brand activism

Christopher Vye, Staff Writer August 20, 2020

When video of the police murder of George Floyd began to circulate, hordes of people consequently broke their quarantines for the first time in months to protest. At the same time, an equally jaw-dropping...

LaShandra Smith-Rayfield discusses the lack of support from fellow beachgoers

LaShandra Smith-Rayfield discusses the lack of support from fellow beachgoers

Eli Cohen, Executive Editor August 5, 2020

Evanston often advertises itself as a diverse, socially conscious town. However, the contrast between what’s broadcasted and how the Evanston community acted last Wednesday, July 29 is monumental. Last...

Photo courtesy of Blake Peters. Edited by Scott Horne

Sharp-shooting guard Blake Peters commits to Princeton

Eli Cohen, Executive Editor June 13, 2020

Rising senior Blake Peters has been a vital part of ETHS’ state appearances the last two years, as he has been a full-time starter at shooting guard for the Kits. Earlier today, Peters announced his...

Senior Ariel Logan.

Sky’s the limit

Eli Cohen, Sports Editor May 14, 2020

Many say it’s just a game— but sports have a strange way of bringing people together. Sports can get communities united, people overjoyed and a whole country on the edges of their seats. The absence...

Senior Kayla Henning runs the fast break.

Honoring the seniors of ETHS’ girls basketball team

Eli Cohen, Sports Editor March 20, 2020

In a time where much of the world is down and many demoralizing aspects of society are headlined in the media, both in and out of the sports world, I think it’s important to celebrate some of the achievements...

Elijah Bull dribbles the ball up the court

Kits defeat Sussex-Hamilton 70-68 in 3OT

Eli Cohen, Sports Editor February 9, 2020

Four quarters weren’t nearly enough to decide a winner between Evanston and Sussex-Hamilton, as Evanston battled against Hamilton for three additional overtime periods, eventually ending in a 70-68 overtime...

Undefeated Girls Basketball set for 6 p.m. tip-off against New Trier

Eli Cohen, Sports Editor December 13, 2019

ETHS’ girls basketball team tips off against New Trier tonight at 6 p.m. in Beardsley Gym. The Kits, 6-0, look to avenge last year’s one point loss against the Trevians at home. For Evanston, tonight’s...

Senior-Led Pomkits enter winter season

Hailey Fine, Assistant Sports Editor December 13, 2019

PomKits have taken it to the next level this season with unique choreography highlighting the strength of the team’s electric energy.  Winter season means competition season which brings a whole...

Fencing aims at success with expanded roster

Zach Myers, Staff Writer December 13, 2019

ETHS’ fencing team dealt with issues concerning the number of players on their roster for numerous years, but after rigorous recruiting by the returning fencers, their numbers have risen, and the team...

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