Kit Chat: Episode 1 with Evanston Fight For Black Lives’ Kayla Henning and In-Depth Editor Lauren Dain

Nora Miller and Zachary Bahar

On the inaugural episode of Kit Chat, hosts Zachary Bahar and Nora Miller (Executive Editors of The Evanstonian) are joined by ETHS grad Kayla Henning and The Evanstonian’s In-Depth Editor Lauren Dain to discuss the death of Jacob Blake, the work that Evanston Fight for Black Lives have been forwarding and the issue of e-learning.

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  • 1:15 – Kayla Henning on Jacob Blake and Evanston Fight for Black Lives.
  • 18:55 – Lauren Dain on the Issue of E-learning.


Jacob Blake: Evanstonian

Evanston Fight for Black Lives Linktree, Facebook and Instagram  

Evanston Fight for Black Lives Defunding Plan of Action

The Issue of E-Learning

The Issue of E-Learning: Looking forwards and sideways

ETHS Enhanced E-Learning Guidelines

ETHS Mental Health Services

ETHS Virtual Activities Fair

ETHS Food Drive

Produced by John Phillips. Edited by Nora Miller. 

Intro music courtesy ETHS Marching Band; outro music courtesy Dr. Kamasi Hill and CJ Singletary.