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Munchin’ with Michael: which burrito reigns supreme?

Michael Barthelemy, Food Critic March 22, 2019

Man’s greatest invention: the burrito. A perfect blend of taste and mobility is what makes it so unique and so beloved. Though the issue that arises from the greatness of the burrito is the plethora...

Embracing imagination: the correlation between the arts and stress relief

Embracing imagination: the correlation between the arts and stress relief

Nora Miller, Entertainment Columnist March 22, 2019

Exercise. Meditation. Yoga. These are the common mechanisms our wellness teachers give us sophomore year to handle stress. Even though running a few miles throughout the week can be a fantastic way to...

Senior Devea Williams preparing at practice.

Speak your truth

Nora Miller, Staff Writer February 18, 2019

An activity famously associated with the Chicago poetry competition, Louder Than A Bomb, spoken word can be found all around the Chicagoland area, even at ETHS. ETHS’s Spoken Word team aims to utilize...

Stage crew prepares for upcoming show.

Stage Crew: the basis of productions

Sophie Monzo, A&E Editor, Layout Editor February 18, 2019

42 days. This is about the time Stage Crew has to complete several aspects of a production in order to put on a show, from the set itself to the costumes. “We handle everything that has to do...

The fall of Formal

Sofie Kennedy and Clare Kennedy February 15, 2019

This year, ETHS will not host a Freshman/Sophomore Formal dance. “No decision ever has to be permanent. If there is an overwhelming sense or desire from the student body to make something happen,...

5 Questions for Tim Rhoze

Cam Mulvihill, Staff Writer February 15, 2019

Tim Rhoze is an accomplished actor, director and current resident of Evanston. Rhoze has appeared in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Friends. Currently, Rhoze is an artistic director at Fleetwood-Jourdain...

Representation Renaissance

Representation Renaissance

Nora Miller, Entertainment Columnist February 15, 2019

As we are now in the midst of Black History Month, the impact black artists have made on the entertainment industry is apparent, most notably in the past year. In 2018, black performers have pushed the...

The Oscars, a preview

The Oscars, a preview

Jonah Charlton, Sophia Weglarz, and Evan Finder February 15, 2019

Best Picture By Jonah Charlton What should win: A Star is Born Yes, it’s a remake. Sure, it’s predictable. It’s definitely quintessential Hollywood. But Bradley Cooper’s rendition of this...

Holiday music offers artists recognition

Holiday music offers artists recognition

Nora Miller, Entertainment Columnist December 26, 2018

As the smell of evergreen wafts through the air and the time for turkey passes, the holiday music industry, historically more focused on Christmas themes, bursts into our hearts with full force. As the...

Jingle hall the way

Jingle hall the way

Sabine Gratch, Staff Writer December 26, 2018

It’s December and the halls of ETHS seem eerily quiet, despite the holiday cheer all around Evanston. Students hear lockers slamming, bells ringing and classmates laughing but something is missing -...

From Script to Stage

Sophie Yang, Staff Writer December 26, 2018

What started out as a pipe dream fabricated in dark bedrooms at 2 a.m., senior Jonathan Hauser and sophomore Howard Godfrey created Class Act, a documentary style musical featuring the struggles of navigating...

Eloise Lushina: school by day, star by night

Eloise Lushina: school by day, star by night

Nora Miller, Staff Writer December 26, 2018

Balancing careers as a high schooler and professional actress may sound daunting to some, but sophomore Eloise Lushina is up to the task. Acting is only part of Lushina’s identity, and even though you...

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