The Evanstonian

Fall 2016 TV preview

Sophie Monzo, Entertainment Editor

August 22, 2016

Tune in.               Even with all the homework and extracurricular activities, many students still find time to sit down and watch TV. Here are some shows to look forward to this fall. The Voice starts its...

Student rappers require peer support

Michael Colton, Entertainment Columnist

August 22, 2016

Nobody wants your mixtape.         The rise of Soundcloud as a music-sharing network has pushed many students to pursue careers in music, notably in the rap genre. This is in no way negative; however it becomes problema...

Why do we have the Friday Song?

Miyoki Walker, Entertainment Editor

August 22, 2016

ETHS has a song in its heart...or several. Since 1992, ETHS has started each Friday off with a unique song. The songs entertain us all, yet there is a ton of mystery around how and why the Friday song makes its way to our P.A....

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