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The history of Mustards Last Stand

The history of Mustard’s Last Stand

Julia Borland, In-depth Guest Writer February 27, 2015

You should be thankful for 1969, because in that year an iconic hot dog restaurant came to Evanston. The wildly popular Mustard’s Last Stand was created and founded almost 50 years ago by Jerry...

Food services hard at work

Food is changing, habits are not

Lydia Melnikov, In-depth Editor February 27, 2015

You might be eating cafeteria food for a different reason than you think. Though 42 percent of students at ETHS eat at the cafeteria, the food doesn’t have a great reputation. But though cafeteria food...

Sophomore Laurianne Pene marvels at the cleanliness of the BCC.

BCC is cleaner than you think

Jane Mather-Glass, Feature Writer February 27, 2015

No need to bring hand sanitizer. Despite what you might think, the BCC is no dirtier than an average classroom. “There’s no real place where you’ll find every single thing spotless,” says...

School renovations to focus on planetarium and tennis courts

Ivy Hettinger-Roberts, News Editor February 27, 2015

A nicer planetarium, new tennis courts, and better labs. The Capital Improvements Program will soon be starting renovation work to make these newer facilities available to students during the next school...

World Language Week to share Evanston’s diverse culture

Loie Gilbert, News Editor February 27, 2015

You’ve probably heard that ETHS is a diverse place, but next week’s World Language celebration will give you a new perspective on why. “It’s a great way to draw attention to all the languages...

Evanston to shave heads for cancer research

Samantha Idler, News Editor February 27, 2015

To help raise money and bring awareness for pediatric cancer, St. Baldricks will be shaving heads at ETHS on Tuesday, March 17. “The St. Baldricks event every year helps remind students that there...

ETHS, District 202 host State of the Schools event

By Eli Baum, News Editor January 5, 2015

In order to share their visions for the future of Evanston/Skokie public schools, Supt. Eric Witherspoon and District 65 Supt. Paul Goren will deliver the first annual “State of the Schools” address...

Teenagers wrestle with procrastination

Teenagers wrestle with procrastination

Jane Mather-Glass, Feature Editor December 18, 2014

I’ll do it later. Even if you believe you work better under pressure, you won’t do as well if you procrastinate, and you run the risk of not turning work in at all. High school students always...

Students enjoy all manners of of holiday activities over Thanksgiving break

Students and their families find different ways to celebrate the season

Linwan Lewis, In Depth Editor December 18, 2014

While some celebrate with just a Thanksgiving meal, other students celebrate by trying new food, playing football or running the Turkey Trot. “Every year my family and I choose a different culture’s...

Y.O.U. students compile stories about microaggression

Emma Dzwierzynski, Feature Editor December 18, 2014

Many people aren’t aware of the racist, sexist, or cultural biased comments they make on a daily basis, but a group of Y.O.U. students are trying to change this by exposing all types of microaggression...

8 questions with Manwolves

8 questions with Manwolves

Dalya Sohl December 18, 2014

Following two years of hard work, and a recently released album, Manwolves, an ETHS student band, opens up about their process, challenges, and inspirations while delving into a modern jazz style.   How...

Thanksgiving without turkey

By Andrea Gouvea, In Depth Writer December 18, 2014

Many think that Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without the turkey, but vegetarians prove that even without meat, Thanksgiving is still just as delicious and worth looking forward to. Ever wonder...